How do I get starting working with a clinician at RLWH?

If you feel like our work and philosophy are a good fit for you, send an email to admin@reallife-rd.com Our wonderful admin staff will answer any questions you have, get you scheduled and provide you will all the necessary paperwork and information on insurance and billing. They are happy to help! 

What if I don't live near Boston, can I still work with you?

Absolutely! Actually about 90% of our clients are at a distance so we have video sessions using a secure online platform. We are also able to do phone calls if that is appropriate and there are technical difficulties. If you are local to Boston, we are happy to still work with you of course, but we would still be seeing each other virtually since we do not have a local office.

What if I want to lose weight or am not ready for a "non-diet" approach?

100% we can still work together. It's okay for you to be wherever you're at. You are not alone - actually, most of our clients are in a place where they want to stop thinking about food and their body all the time, but are feeling stuck, alone and defeated. Diet culture makes unraveling our histories with food, exercise and our bodies really, really hard for many people. All these concerns are okay! While we work through an IE/HAES framework, we are here to meet you where you're at, supporting you as you work through your own thoughts and beliefs. 

How many sessions will I need to have to accomplish my goals?

That's a question we get frequently. This will completely depend on why we are meeting, your personal goals, how ready and motivated you are to change, what support you have in your life and a variety of other factors. The frequency and duration of our work together will vary from person to person, but it is completely up to you. We are happy to provide recommendations for frequency of appointments, but ultimately we want you to determine if our time together is effective and meeting your needs and expectations.

How do sessions go and what can I expect?

Initial consultations are 60 minutes long. You will probably have filled out the Welcome Packet before hand which will give us a working understanding of where you're at before we begin our session. Although it takes a handful of sessions to get a thorough assessment and really get to know you, we lay a solid foundation for our work together in this first session. We will talk through your where you've been to get you to today and begin to uncover what's underneath your health, food and body image concerns so we can help you heal from the inside out. Our hope is to be able to identify key areas to begin our work together by the end of this session and if appropriate, some small action steps you can take moving forward.

Follow-up sessions typically occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, although we have clients see us less frequently depending on where they are in their journey. These can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes based on your needs. In each session we’ll continue to explore your thoughts and feelings surround your physical, mental and emotional health and address concerns that you have. We will talk through what is working for you and what's been challenging, dialogue through tools and strategies and re-evaluate your goals. This journey is rarely linear and usually ebbs and flows. Although there is a large emotional and mental component to our work, we also want to equip you with the skills and tools to replace unhelpful behaviors with behaviors that best serve you and your entire health. The goal of every session is to move you closer towards physical healing, normalizing eating behaviors, respecting your body size, establishing self care rhythms and cultivating compassion with yourself so you can live a purposeful, joyful life.

Is pricing for sessions flexible?

While the pricing for sessions is not flexible, we are happy to talk one on one with you and discuss a payment plan based on your individual needs. We completely understand services are an investment of your time and resources! We are also happy to provide a superbill to you that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement if you live in CA, VA or MA. If you would like to do that, please ask for our insurance script before your first session so you will know exactly what to ask your insurance when verifying your coverage. 

Do you take insurance?

At this time, we do not take insurance. But we are more than happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you live in CA, VA, or MA. Please ask for our insurance script in your form so we can help you with this process.

Can Robyn take the place of my doctor/health care provider? Does she prescribe medication or order labs?

While Robyn applies her nursing training and medical expertise in caring for each client, due to licensing limitations, she cannot prescribe medication nor directly order labs or other diagnostic testing in this private practice setting. We strongly encourage you to have a PCP before beginning work with us at RLWH. With that said, Robyn does collaborate often with physicians or health care providers to get appropriate labs ordered and make adjustments to medications based on the care you are receiving here at Real Life Women's Health and at your doctor's office.

I'm looking for advice about a career change and/or starting a private practice ...can Robyn give me advice?

Robyn is so excited that you are interested in a career change and/or starting a private practice - both things she is super passionate about! Robyn has learned a ton from starting a private practice seven years ago and going back to school to become a nurse practitioner that she would love to share with you! Robyn offers career coaching and mentor calls that you can read more about here. Ask your questions, get Robyn's advice and guidance and leave with both resources to continue your learning and actionable steps that you can begin today. 

I'm looking for advice on a medical issue, food and body image struggles or other concerning questions, can I email anyone at RLWH?


As much as we would love to help, it's unethical and nearly impossible to provide sound advice via email without knowing much about you. But we would love to work with you as a client! To learn more about our one-on-one work, click here. Depending on your concerns and needs, you can also look into Robyn's online course which includes exclusive live Q&As and access to a private support community where you will have more intimate interaction with Robyn and opportunity to ask questions. Lastly, if you have a general question that can be answered briefly, Robyn does Instagram Q&As on Thursdays most weeks and you can ask your question then. Alternatively, you can email Robyn a blog post request!