The goal of every session is to move you closer towards physical healing, normalizing eating behaviors, respecting your body size, establishing self care rhythms and cultivating compassion with yourself so you can live a purposeful, joyful life.


UPDATE: Robyn is no longer taking nutrition counseling clients, but she does provide other services you can read about below. For nutrition counseling you can see our dietitian, Crystal, who is wonderful and cut from the same cloth as Robyn. If you’re interested in our therapy and coaching services, Liz is fantastic and taking new clients as well.

When I started working with Crystal, I was in the midst of a relapse with anorexia/bulimia. I was exercising each day for hours on end, severely restricting, and struggling with HA (the absence of my menstrual cycle). Meeting with Crystal virtually each week helped me immensely — I loved how she took things slow, allowed me to progress at my own pace, and sent incredibly detailed and encouraging recaps of our session via email — with suggestions on what to work on (or celebrate!) until we met again. My period has now returned and I am so grateful that Crystal was able to support me in my journey. Unfortunately, due to insurance purposes, I had to stop my work with Crystal, but given the choice, I would work with her again in a second and recommend her to anyone struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder.” - GB.     Read more testimonials..

During this one hour initial session; Crystal will listen to and begin to assess your food, exercise and body image history up to this point - this will lay the foundation for future work together. You will begin to build a trusting relationship with Crystal so that you can feel comfortable and hopeful in this process. Together, you'll begin to dialogue through and identify your goals and barriers, keeping in mind your current stressors, lifestyle, and stage in this journey. The goal is to help you foster a flexible relationship with food, free of fear and rules, while honoring your whole health - physical, mental and emotional. Sessions include goal setting, small actionable steps, helpful resources, and email support between your initial consultation and follow up sessions.

Cost: $225

During follow up visits, you'll delve deeper into your work together. Crystal hopes to empower you in each session by focusing on sustainable behavior changes for a healthy mind, body, and soul. Together with Crystal, you will continually assess what is/isn’t working and adjust goals and plans accordingly. Sessions will include goal setting, small actionable steps, helpful resources, and email support between sessions.

Cost: $155 for 45 minutes (recommended) | $110 for 30 minutes                        

Save with a bundle of three 45 minute sessions: $435 

During your 60-minute one on one session, Robyn will work with you to assess your past medical history, nutrition history, current health concerns and diagnoses in addition to your current relationship with food, exercise and your body. Additionally, Robyn will go over any lab work, medications and other diagnostic testing you’ve had to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms and develop a road map for healing. From there, you will begin work with Crystal to learn a rhythm of eating, moving and self care that leads you towards whole body wellness and true health. Sessions with Crystal include goal setting, small actionable steps, helpful resources and email support between sessions. Robyn will still be available for intermittent 45 minute follow up sessions concerning labs, medications, supplements and other questions.

Cost of initial session: $395 per session   

Cost of 45 minute follow up session: $195 per session

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about women’s health? Are you motivated and wanting to make a change, but simply need answers to your specific questions? This call is for you! This is not a counseling session and is not designed to process through food and body image struggles. Instead, this is a teaching & education call to provide you with answers to your questions and bring clarity to your confusion so you can make changes and move towards a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself. 

Cost: $225 for 45 minutes


During your initial 45-minute assessment session, Liz will work with you to explore your past and present relationship with food and your body as well as your current emotional and mental health and overall well-being. Liz will guide you in exploring the strengths and support systems you already processes as well as current barriers to living a life aligned with your personal values. Liz will collaboratively support you in setting actionable goals, both long-term and short-term so that you can begin living a life in which you trust your intuition and your body to guide you on a path that is full of self-compassion, freedom, and nourishment as opposed to obsession, control, and self-critism. At the end of the assessment Liz will recommend either therapy or coaching services to you depending on a number of factors including your location, as well as necessity for clinical treatment. Each session includes an individual plan with long-term goals, small actionable steps, helpful resources and email support between your initial consultation and follow up sessions.

Cost: $150 for 45 minutes


Working to heal our relationships with food, our bodies, and ultimately ourselves is a journey in which growth takes place over time in the context of supportive, compassionate, respectful relationships that allow for vulnerability and exploration. During your follow up therapy sessions with Liz, she will help you to identify how your struggles with food have functioned in your life so that collaboratively you can develop new coping skills and tools that will better serve you in living in alignment with your values and support you in overall well-being and health. Liz utilizes evidenced based treatments including ACT, DBT, and mindfulness to provide education, resources, and experiential practice in sessions so that you can begin using these skills with confidence between meetings. Each session includes an individual plan with long-term goals, small actionable steps, helpful resources and email support between your sessions.

Cost: $150 for 45 minutes


Working to a have a more positive and compassionate relationship with food, one’s body, and one’s self is a worthwhile journey so that you can begin living your most expansive and fulfilling life.  During each follow up coaching session with Liz, you will check in on previously set goals including your successes and challenges in each identified area. Liz will offer a warm and compassionate space to guide you in collaboratively problem-solving the barriers to meeting your personal goals. Liz will also provide a variety of resources and tools to practice experientially in session in order for you to feel confident to utilize them in your life between coaching calls. Liz’s coaching supports you in living a life that is intuitive, aligned with your values, self-compassionate and free from limiting beliefs. Each session includes an individual plan with long-term goals, small actionable steps, helpful resources and email support between your sessions. Please note that coaching is not the same as therapy; however can be a wonderful addition and added support to your treatment!

Cost: $150 for 45 minutes

Are you an RD interested in starting your own private practice or grow your existing practice? Perhaps you want to start a blog or establish a social media presence? Maybe you're looking to make a career change to become a dietitian or pursue a career in nursing? Or maybe you're a practicing clinician wanting advice on bridging IE/HAES with clinical nutrition or need help with a tough case or question. Robyn has learned a ton from trial and error over the past several years and would love to help you avoid all the mistakes and tackle these complex topics as you pursue your passions! Come with your list of questions and concerns and walk through it all with Robyn. You'll end your session with actionable steps you can take today to move towards your goals.

Cost: $95 for 30 minutes, $140 for 45 minutes, $175 for 60 minutes

**a note on insurance - at this time, we do not take insurance. But we are more than happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please ask for our insurance script in your form so we can help you with this process.

**our cancellation policy - please keep in mind that unless you email to cancel your appt with at least 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full fee of your session