We work through a non diet, whole person approach to help you heal from the inside. Whether you're battling disordered eating or an eating disorder - or faced with hormonal issues like PCOS, thyroid disorders, a missing or irregular period, PMS, PMDD, or other reproductive health and fertility issues - we'll help you heal physically and heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself. 

We aim to serve two sets of people with the same philosophy – women looking to heal from health issues, an eating disorder or disordered eating and develop a healthy relationship to food and their body and health practitioners who want to learn how to counsel women in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating and/or treat health issues through a Health At Every Size & Intuitive Eating lens. 

As practitioners, we are constantly learning. Our work with individual clients informs and strengthens the mentoring and teaching we provide to other practitioners - and own learning and mentoring from other brilliant practitioners informs and strengthens our work with clients. We believe there is always an opportunity for learning in anything we do and are committed to investing our time and resources into staying up to date with the research and best practice standards. The foundation of our work is built on cultivating trusting relationships that are rooted in mutual respect, listening, empathy, compassion and integrity. 


Here at Real Life Women's Health we approach each woman as a unique being. Building a strong, trusting and understanding relationship with each client is foundational to our work. We partner with our clients, guiding them in listening to their own inner wisdom so they can learn a rhythm of eating and moving and caring for their body that supports their own individual physical, mental, and emotional needs and fosters whole person well-being

Above all, we want our clients to feel known and seen and valued. We bridge evidenced based knowledge with a Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating approach to help our clients experience lasting physical healing and mind, body and soul transformation. While the work we do is heavy, we also laugh a lot and get to share in the most joyous, triumphant moments with our clients. 

We believe in an weight neutral, all inclusive, body positive approach that focuses on changing behaviors instead of numbers as the pathway to lifelong health. We believe that physical healing must address all aspects of health, not just food and exercise. We believe that freedomand peace with food and your body is essential to living a fulfilling, healthy life that aligns with your values. We believe women have all the wisdom and power right within them to make meaningful changes in their life. And we believe that there is hope for full recovery and complete healing for everyone.