These courses were created to serve two purposes: to make the same work we do 1:1 with clients more accessible and affordable and to be a resource for health professionals who have been trained in traditional Western medicine, but want to provide more effective and ethical care by approaching medical diagnoses through an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size framework. 

Have you been struggling with hormonal issues and/or period problems? Does food seem to always be a love/hate relationship and you want to make peace with food and stop eating according to rules or what the scale says? Do you want to find physical healing andfreedom with food and your body?

Perhaps you've tried all the solutions and diets and protocols to "balance your hormones?" Or maybe you've been trying to eat a particular way and exercise according to xyz guidelines and you're fed up with trying so hard and still feeling unhappy, tired and hating your body. Maybe you're feeling really overwhelmed with all the health information thrown at you every day. Is food the cause of my symptoms? Should I take that supplement? Maybe I should try eating ____? HOW do I practice intuitive eating and resolve my hormonal issues?

You were created to live a life of purpose and meaning. And I'll help you get there by caring for your body, mind andsoul. Because health is so much more than what's on your plate and how much you exercise.

If you're a health and wellness professional who wants to learn about healing hormonal issues through a Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating lens and help your clients find true health and well being, body acceptance and a peaceful & nourishing relationship with food...these courses are for you too. Bridging the gap between what we know about clinical nutrition and the therapeutic effect of food and Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size framework is murky water. But in order to deliver ethical, evidence based care - we have to co-mingle the two and look outside the box and instead at the entire person. I was where you are right now at one time too and I'm excited to team up with you and shift the way we, as a healthcare profession, provide care.

The Real Life RD Learning Center was established to help further the mission of helping women find true health & healing and cultivate peace with food and their bodies - no matter if  you're facing your own challenges or trying to help others find healing. I hope to continually be creating new courses and updates to existing courses so check back often!

This is a 5 module video and audio, self paced course that will walk you through physical, mental and emotional healing to balance hormones and get a healthy period. This course combines all the work we do 1:1 with clients in a more affordable and accessible way!

This is module 3 from the Heal Your Hormones e-course that you can purchase separately. This course includes tools, strategies and resources that will help you accept your natural body size so you can stop hating your body and instead live a meaningful life.


This is a 3 module video and audio, self paced course that will walk you through the research and practical application of intuitive eating and HAES in the presence of a medical diagnosis.