virtual intuitive eating support groups


  • 10 week long coaching group that meets once a week for 1 hour via video

  • group is held Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm to 8:15pm EST - the next group begins Tuesday, January 15th 2019 and goes until March 19th 2019

  • groups are held on a HIPAA compliant video platform called VSee

  • access to private FB group for ongoing support & community between sessions and after group has concluded at the end of the 10 weeks

  • groups are limited to five women to foster a safe, effective, and intimate environment

  • goal setting in between group sessions to foster ongoing processing and growth

  • all materials needed are included in the cost of program

  • if you are not already a client, it is required that you fill out assessment paperwork prior to the start of the group - this to ensure that this group is safe and effective for you.

This group is not a good fit if you have an active eating disorder or have any ongoing medical issues that would make it unsafe for you to participate in the group. Also please know that this is a coaching group and does not constitute nor serve as a substitute for behavioral health treatment and/or therapy.

This group is a wonderful fit for you if....

  • you want to stop dieting, focusing on your weight/body size and stressing over food

  • you know the principles of intuitive eating, but you're not sure how to implement them

  • you find yourself feeling alone and scared in your journey towards food peace

  • you struggle with disordered eating habits (but do not have an active eating disorder) including but not limited to: counting calories, counting macros, eating according to what time it is, comparing what you eat to others, distinguishing between hunger and fullness, letting go of "good" and "bad" foods, and giving yourself permission to eat all foods

  • you want to feel empowered around food and your ability to feed yourself

  • you want to stop using external cues like calories, nutrition labels, and food rules to know how to eat and instead tune into your body's own internal wisdom to nourish yourself

  • you want to find freedom and joy in your relationship to food, your body and exercise

  • you are ready to live a meaningful, fulfilling life in line with your values!

What others are saying…

“This group showed me great compassion and empathy. I gained my trust back in my food choices and freedom from diet culture.” C.A.

“The community built between the women in the group was incredibly encouraging and validating. It was refreshing to have a group of women to share honestly and openly with. While I'm an incredibly private person, I really enjoyed this group. I felt connected, included, and valuable. It was a positive experience and would recommend it to others. Liz did a fabulous job of making us all feel validated, a part of the group, as well as, provided tangible strategies for integrating IE strategies into our daily lives.” K.W.


$460 or $46 per weekly session

***payment for all 10 sessions is required before the start of the group

How do I sign up?

The quickest way is to email us at admin@reallife-rd.com and we will get back to you asap!